KDB Montessori Learning Center

Our goal is to develop a natural love for learning, by allowing the child to utilize their inquisitive nature and determine their own methods of problem solving.

We use the Montessori learning method. The Montessori method understands that no two children perform at the same pace. Students work at their own pace, which is followed, not lead, by the guide.

At KDB Montessori, children are encouraged to interact with concepts and not just memorize facts. By attending KDB Montessori, your child will also learn practical skills that will help them to care for themselves and their environment.

Our learning center is geared for 3-6 year old boys and girls, seeking social interaction and preparing for kindergarten. The child must be potty-trained prior to enrollment.

It is important to note that KDB Montessori, is not a daycare facility. We are a learning center. We do not allow drop-ins. Enrolling in the program is committing to the program two days a week and one Friday per month. A 30 day written notice is required to withdrawal from the program.

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