Why Choose Montessori For Your Child?

KDB Montessori, encourages all parents to adapt some form of the Montessori method into the child’s every day life, whether is be by signing up for KDB Montessori Learning Center or implementing into your home life, or both. Here is a list of reasons why the Montessori method is a great learning environment.

In a Montessori learning environment, it is understood that no two children perform at the same pace. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace, which is then followed, not lead, by the guide. The guide observes and critiques as necessary.

In a Montessori learning environment, a natural love for learning is promoted by allowing the child to utilize their inquisitive nature and determine their own methods of problem solving.

A Montessori learning environment emphasizes practical skills that teach the child to care for themselves and their environment. The child learns that they are an active member of their environment and is encouraged to act as such.

The child will acquire new skill sets and gain a sense of accomplishment in doing so. The Montessori method rewards with internal gratitude, not physical awards, for mastering skill sets.

In a formal education center the child often simply memorizes facts. In a Montessori learning environment, like KDB Montessori Learning Center, the child is allowed to interact with concepts and learn not just that something works, but can answer from experience why something works.

These are a few of the many reasons why the Montessori method might benefit your child. If you are interested in learning more about what KDB Montessori learning center can do for your child please contact us!

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