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KDB Montessori Memos

People With Montessori Backgrounds

Montessori may sound foreign to you, but the Montessori method has been around for quite sometime. Maria Montessori developed her philosophy for education in the early 1900’s. Since then, many famous people, that you have probably heard of, have benefited from the Montessori learning method. Will Wright, video game designer, responsible for creating Sim City.…

Why Choose Montessori For Your Child?

KDB Montessori, encourages all parents to adapt some form of the Montessori method into the child’s every day life, whether is be by signing up for KDB Montessori Learning Center or implementing into your home life, or both. Here is a list of reasons why the Montessori method is a great learning environment. In a…

What is Montessori?

An alternative to formal education, Montessori is a method of learning that allows children to develop their natural interest in a free range learning environment. Activities are presented by the guide, whose role is to consult children individually, as they create their own learning pathway through exploration. The child is exposed to Science, Math, Language,…

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